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mazaaadhaar is an online platform service that enables anyone to order their E-Aadhaar copy on PVC plastic card. Having a copy of on plastic card makes it easier to carry instead of laminated card. It fits well in the purse exactly similar to credit card. Aadhaar card printed on PVC plastic card works similar to photo copy of E-Aadhaar document or laminated card.

You can simply register and upload E-Aadhaar files of your family members or friends and pay for the card printing. Once the cards are printed, they will be shipped to the address provided. You will get online portal access to track your orders.

In case if you have repeated orders, you may consider to become service partner to offer this service to your customers. Excellent option to start your own business without investment. Visit partner’s page for more details. mazaaadhaar is a service offering from UpTime BPO & InfoTech Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai. Please visit our corporate website www.uptimebpo.com to know more about our products and services.

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