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Your Aadhaar is an essential document and proof of identification. You can access many services offered by central and state governments. If you don’t have an aadhaar card and want to get one with no hassles, then Maza Aadhaar will help. Maza Aadhaar simplified the process for you and ensured everything went smoothly. We also take care of the quality of the aadhar card and provide lamination services as well.

Since an aadhaar card has been used in various places, you should carry it everywhere. However, wear and tear is the major concern when getting your aadhar card on paper. 

Are you looking to take out aadhaar lamination services where wear and tear would not be a concern? Perhaps, you have come to the right place. We are providing excellent solutions when you want an aadhaar lamination card in Mumbai.

carry easily
Carry Easily

laminated Aadhar Card is easy to carry because it is soft, flexible and weightless.

water resistant
Water Resistant

Plastic aadhaar card is water resistant because it has capacity to replace rubber.

life long
Life Long

Plastic Aadhaar Card has long life because it has high quality and it is durable

Get Laminated Aadhar Card in Mumbai at Your Convenience

Maza Aadhaar focuses on delivering you the best experience ever. We understand your worries about the documentation required to get your aadhaar card. We have come to your aid to provide an onilne Aadhaar lamination card service in Mumbai, India. We are providing aadhaar lamination and card printing services in India. Now, anyone can also choose to get their aadhaar printed on hard cards. You have to laminate aadhaar card that is now available at your convenience. 

E-Aadhaar Copy on PVC Plastic Card @ Rs. 30.00** per card.

** Shipping, Packing, Handling, Tax, and Payment charges are extra.

100% Premium Quality Card | 100% Safety Guaranteed | 100% Quick Delivery

आधार कार्ड हमारे देश के नागरिको की एक अहम् पहचान बन गया है. हम अपनी वेबसाइट पर आधार कार्ड को PVC प्लास्टिक कार्ड में बदलने का काम मात्र करते है. इस प्लास्टिक आधार कार्ड में हम किसी तरह का कोई भी परिवर्तन न करके बस हमारी सरकार द्वारा बनाय गये आधार कार्ड को PVC प्लास्टिक कार्ड में बदलते है. हम किसी के भी आधार कार्ड से किसी भी तरह की कोई भी छेड़खानी नहीं करते है और हम पूरी तरह से अपने टर्मस एंड कंडीशन पर ही काम करते है. हम अपने देश के नागरिको की पहचान बन गये आधार कार्ड को इन्टरनेट के माध्यम से PVC प्लास्टिक कार्ड में बदल कर उनके घर तक पहुचाते है और अपने गराहक को पूरी तरह से संतुष्ट करते है.

What We Offer

Look at our offer what services we have provided for our valuable clients

carry easily

PVC Aadhar Card is easy to carry because it is soft, flexible and weightless.

water resistant

Order online Aadhaar Card via this website. The Aadhaar card will be printed on a PVC card

life long

Get the Aadhaar Card delivered at your doorsteps. No need to leave your home to get the Aadhaar PVC card anymore

apply for pvc

Why Maza Aadhaar is the Right Choice For You? 

If you need a trusted platform that can help you get your aadhaar, then Maza Aadhaar is your right choice. Our specializations make us a dependable partner when you want to apply PVC aadhar card online. You will surely get the quality in color printing and facilitate the process to ensure no hurdles. With us, you don’t have to feel any discomfort as we let you apply for an aadhaar card online that you can easily get delivered to your doorstep. 

What Our Customers Says
Our goal is to provide a service that keeps our clients happy. We are pleased to hear any feedback they have for us.
I received my Plastic Aadhar Card yesterday. Liked the way and quality of it. Thanks a lot for good quality & prompt delivery.

Chintamani Bharati

Totally satisfied with the service. I will highly recommend this to those who really want to order a PVC Aadhaar card online. I got my PVC card in less than a period at very affordable prices. Thanks, Maza Aadhaar.

Sunit Panesar

One of the best Aadhaar card lamination service providers in Mumbai. My experience was pretty good. I applied for a laminated Aadhar card and they processed my Aadhar card very quickly. Thank you so much Maza Aadhaar.

Amit Kumar


Easy to Carry and Durable Cards  

At Maza Aadhaar, we provide reliable aadhaar card printing services. We take care of details while providing you Polyvinyl chloride aadhar card. They are more portable and more durable. You can avail of our Aadhaar card lamination services as well. The Lamination of Aadhar card makes it water and dust resistant. We promise to provide you with high-quality aadhaar cards that easily fit your wallet. The best thing is that the card is weightless. With exclusive offers, we strive to deliver valuable services to our customers. 

Now, goodbye all the hassles and order a laminated aadhaar card online from the convenience of your home.



Price for cards @ Each
Packing, Handling, Shipping
GST Tax 18%
Payment Gateway Charge 3%

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